Time – and the lack of it!

When I started writing this, I was sat at my desk with tinny hold music blaring from the phone handset next to me. Why does this always happen? I had finally got two sleeping children, Mr Bear had gone out to fly down a muddy hill on two wheels and I had cooked tea already, (v rare!). I landed in my grown up swivelly chair with a satisfying whoosh, raring to go aaaand there was no internet. It was traumatic, it was going to be the day I got this live, I was going to fix the glitches, I’d had good feedback from the few trusted friends who had had sneak previews and I was itching to get it out there, to see what other people thought but not a single iota/beam/spark, whatever goes on inside those magic cables, of internet. I so very rarely get the time to sit down uninterrupted and peaceful to get anything I want to do done that having this precious 2 hour window snatched away was awful!

So I spent a fair amount of time getting through to customer support to find out…our account had been closed. Ahhh, now that you mention it, some vague distant bell is going off, I seem to remember Mr B mentioning something but I must have been concentrating on something else, (not listening!), so was a bit fuzzy on the details. Luckily, the guy had a sense of humour and hopefully didn’t think I was a total idiot.

Turns out our new provider have switched us over to them already but just the phone and the net will follow in a week. A WEEK*!! This is horrendous! I can’t do anything without it.**

It got me thinking about all the things I can’t do;

  • Watch my programs on Netflix, last night we had to watch freeview, with adverts, and waits between episodes. Can you believe it?!
  • Order lots of stuff. Possibly stuff I don’t need. Probably stuff I don’t need. Ok, ok stuff I don’t really need.
  • Get my website online or post anymore blogs.
  • Google the things my kids ask me about.
  • Complain about stuff on twitter.

Actually, bar the website and blog stuff. Maybe a week without internet is no bad thing. A good thing in fact. Especially as I can’t spend all my time gawping at my phone either as I’ve had no signal since November, (it’s June!), but don’t get me started on that! 😀

Update: It has actually been 6 days and now we’re back online thankfully! We got wifi back after 4 days so it’s just been the computer. I’ve been ok, intense frustration that I couldn’t sort this out and also a somewhat scary realisation that I am totally reliant on the internet. I would have thought patterns like, ‘My dropbox is full, I could use this time to transfer it all to an external hard-drive and then I could put the website in it and use it on my laptop….oh. I need the internet for that!’ and I realised that almost everything I do now is linked to the internet.

So I’ve decided I will do all these things to make life smoother now while we have the internet, well, you know, maybe tomorrow, or Tuesday, Tuesday is looking good, first I need to find that cable, which might be in the box in the loft, aren’t all my old clothes up there, hmm maybe I should have a sort through. I mean, what are the chances of the internet going off again this week?!

*Since the writing of this post, well, near the end but I already spent time writing it and there is so little of that around that I can’t won’t rewrite it, it turns out it will just be for two days. So, um, that is ok really. I was actually almost looking forward to it!

**This is possibly overdramatic, I was born and mostly raised in a time before technology enveloped us in its’ crazy all-consuming world, you know, back when you had to phone a landline to arrange to meet a friend at a certain time, if they were out, well, you had no idea where they were! The dial up tone of bong-gi-dongy-dongy-bong-krshhhhhrrhhrhhrss-bing-bing-bing, not being able to use the net and phone simultaneously, awkward small talk with friend’s parents about primary school life and only being able to buy stuff in actual shops with real money, going home and not hearing from anyone from school except the handful of friends with your landline number willing to brave a chat with your parents. Not having to look at pictures of your beloved class fitty snogging someone else at a party you didn’t go to, plastered all over Instagram, watching a program without live tweeting all your thoughts on what was happening and actually missing the important scene which explained all as you were too busy ‘swooning over @colinfirth in his white shirt’.

Ok, to be fair I think everyone lost their focus on the storyline at that scene regardless!

6 thoughts on “Time – and the lack of it!

  1. This made me smile!! We all feel a little lost without Internet and all of our technology, don’t we? I enjoyed reading your honest post and I can relate to how motherhood sends your brain in a million different directions!! Good thing women are resourceful! 🙂

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    • Oh thank you for your lovely words. I’m brand new to this & have been a little nervous about putting myself out there! We are a very resourceful species aren’t we? I managed to work ways around it but my poor hubby was lost! 😀 I think motherhood has taken my brain, shaken it hard & then put it back in upside down & only now as they get older is is gradually trying to right itself!

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