Why I envy my children.

This is a totally materialistic post. I envy them for….their clothes!! Seriously, I am genuinely gutted that the clothes in the children’s range don’t go up to my size.

Here are a few reasons why;

1. Elasticated waistbands.

Self explanatory. Also the handy elastic and button system. Save having to change my whole wardrobe every time I change shape. (Read: pay for my cake addiction!)

2. Funky leggings.

I am SO jealous about this. Have you seen the little girl’s selection of leggings in h&m alone? It’s like a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. Downstairs in ladies? There are black. Maybe brown if you’re feeling really wild.

3. The dresses.

Ok I know that you can get some pretty amazing dresses for women too but I just bought her a dress that was covered in wild flowers and bees for £2.99!! There are also matching shorts.

4. Dinosaur trainers.

Trainers, covered in dinosaurs. For around a tenner. I’m sure someone somewhere makes grown up dinosaur print trainers but they would probably be about £50 min.

5. T-shirts with capes attached.

Actual capes. How much fun?!

6. Everything is glittery. Everything.

7. You can get a hat with cat ears built in. Actual cat’s ears on a pink straw hat. And a teeny heart nose.

8. You can also go out in fancy dress whenever you like. Not that I want to go out on a scooter on a dinosaur onesie or anything. Because that would be weird. Wouldn’t it?

Here are just a few examples of why I am so envious. Maybe I am shopping in the wrong places, if anyone has any suggestions of shops/websites that I can check out, please tell me so I can funk up my leggings collection……..and totally embarrass my husband! Mwah haha! 😉

skirt leggings shoes

16 thoughts on “Why I envy my children.

  1. Completely agree. Even though we head straight to the boys’ clothes section, as we walk through the girls’ department I have been known to say (many times): “Oh, why don’t they make this for adults!”, usually in reference to some lovely dress or other.

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    • I love a lot of the boy clothes too though, not for me usually but if they did adult trainers with pink dino outlines all over I would have to own some!! The girl’s dresses are divine. I wandered into monsoon sale the other day, fell in love with just about everything. Then looked at the price tag & strolled right back out again! Still £26 odd & would last just a few months if we were lucky. Plus it’s nearly impossible to climb trees in a sequinned ballgown….I’ve tried! 😉

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    • We should!! We should start a campaign to make funky clothes for everyone! They do make some clothes like you say but you’re so right, it is totally not the same. What I really wish they would do is size up some of the items & keep them almost identical, give or take a frill or two!!

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  2. I won’t lie to myself and say I would ever go outside in it, but I would TOTALLY rock MLP leggings on the treadmill. To bed in the winter would also be awesome. Complete with a matching shirt and fuzzy socks!

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    • Of course you would! I’m not sure I could seriously wear them out day to day but I really love funky running leggings & would feel much happier if I had something cool to look at to distract me from the pain! 😉 Maybe a toned down version in more muted colours could work though. Saying that, I have spend the entire weekend in a rainbow tutu, rainbow leg warmers & rainbow bow tie! (It was for a music festival, I was doing circus craft activities for the kiddies, I’m not that ‘out there’ usually!) I’m not sure how to share it on a comment but you can see a photo over on my facebook page!! I will be writing about it too so have lots of photos to put in there which will be coming soon. 🙂

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  3. Hello! I hope you’re having a good Sunday (tipping it down here…).

    I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. You can check out what it involves here: https://clairehuston.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers/

    I’ve cut the questions down to just 4 as I know you’re busy and responding to nominations can take ages when the list of questions is really long. Please only take part if you have time and haven’t been nominated for this one already. I took over 2 weeks to respond to my nomination!

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    • Wow! Thank you so so so much!!! I’m so touched that you thought about me. 🙂 My Sunday was lovely thank you. Was at a music festival helping my friend run a circus theme craft table making peg people with the kiddies. We also rocked out to quite a heavy rock band at lunchtime which the kids loved. (Odd timing for them really!) Big girl was owning the dancefloor & small boy had a very serious go at headbanging. Was very amusing. I will be writing it up later! Just washing everyone for the 1st time in what feels like a week, & once they are in bed & I’m showered I will sit down & have a good read of your new post.xx

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      • Peg people! I had forgotten all about those. I remember making one with a tartan outfit… . No hurry to respond to the award nomination. Like I said, it took me over two weeks to do it. Which is another reason I cut the number of questions down.

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    • Oooh will do Charlie! I think I may have seen you post them about them before actually, do you have galaxy ones? I love the ones from eBay but apparently you can see my undercrackers through them!! 🙈


  4. […] It’s day 20, we’re into the 20s! Today is paper snowflakes. If you’re wondering about the hairband, I borrowed my daughters’, do I look like a Christmas present?? (I’m going to pretend that is the reason I’m wearing it and not that I’m insanely envious of her clothes still!) […]


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