Adventures Abroad

Ok, firstly let me say that I know the blogging rule about not letting people know that you are away. If however, someone is reading, knows where we live and feels desperate enough to burgle us, please let me give you a few tips. The tv in the lounge is a little dodgy, turn it on and wait, seriously, this is very important, you mustn’t try and do anything at all for around 4 minutes. Then, and only then, can you try and change channel/look at the guide. If you don’t wait, it will freeze completely and you’ll have to turn it off at the mains and start again, making sure you wait the required 4 minutes this time. This isย really really reallyย only mildly frustrating and I’m sure won’t affect resale.

The computer, this is super mega old and very slow as I have detailed previously.ย I’m sure the parts would be worth something if you broke them down. As a bonus, you may also come across the rusk that impressively vanished without trace into the back somewhere. (Yes it’s true, kids really do do that stuff!)

We do have a new laptop but I have that with me, in the very unlikely case that you are reading this at a future date and think about burgling us, I think it only fair to pre-warn you that it will almost certainly only take me 2 weeks max to fill this one up with photos and bugs and probably biscuit crumbs for good measure!

There is a tv in the kitchen too. Now this one is pretty good. Well, except for the teeny scratches and some holes in the back. We keep it as a gentle reminder to never do anything that involves heavy lifting and diy when Mr Pear Bear has just had a serious operation on his hand and is in plaster, therefore being relegated to ‘director of jobs’. It also has a fair few pressure marks on the screen where the kids climbed up on their chairs to poke Mr Tumble’s spots. I’m sure this won’t detract from the value much though?!

Now I’ve covered the official bits and given some handy product guides to cut and paste into ebay listings, on with the post!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our adventures so far.

We are on holiday in Italy. It is so lovely here. It is also hotter than Hades, hence why we all look very disheveled and melty in the pics! The first adventure was probably flying by myself with the kids. That was. An experience. Especially as we were delayed by 35 minutes which we spent sitting on the runway. I’d gone for an evening flight for the first time. If we make it through the flight home, that will be the very last time!!

I think this photo conveys the situation. See my my teeth set tightly on edge, the look of barely suppressed panic in my eyes..... :D
I think this photo conveys the situation. See my teeth set tightly on edge, the look of barely suppressed panic in my eyes….. ๐Ÿ˜€

We have had a lot of fun exploring already, we found dinosaur fossils hidden in the woods, just there waiting to be discovered.

Dinosaur feet!
Dinosaur feet!
Requires a closer look from a brave boy!
Requires a closer look from a brave boy!

Particularly impressed with the dinosaur feet and claws we found. These needed much closer exploration from small boy. I love how it was all born from big girl’s imagination. She is getting so good at coming up with game ideas now and creating fantasy. No idea where she gets such a vivid imagination from. It’s almost as if we have spent her whole life chasing unicorns, spotting fairies among the trees and following yeti tracks in the snow or something!

We also found a really rough tree trunk and discussed whether they thought it might feel like dinosaur skin and compared the feeling to the smoothness of one of the 4000 sticks small boy had collected along his way. (Perils of taking him anywhere wooded. Unfortunately the two dogs were equally enamoured with them, resulting in some quite frankly hilarious tug of wars and subsequent stropping!)

Dinosaur skin!
Dinosaur skin!

Other fun we had was Spiderman rescuing the fair, (and actually pretty ungrateful!), Princess from her tower prison, and some epic sword fights with the many sticks we had accumulated. Until the dogs ate them!

I think it's quite clear to see the concern over canine stick appropriation here!
I think it’s quite clear to see the concern over canine stick appropriation here!

We also found dandelion clocks and spent a happy half hour ‘telling the time’.

What time is it Mr Wolf?
What time is it Mr Wolf?

Unfortunately, it ended the way of most of our adventures, with a silent protest sit in, (even the dog participated in this one!), and a phone call for rescue in the car!! ๐Ÿ˜€

We shall, we shall not be moved! Unless there is a car. In which case we will happily get in! (To be fair to them all it was about 35 degrees at 9 am!)
We shall, we shall not be moved! Unless there is a car. In which case we will happily get in!

2 thoughts on “Adventures Abroad

  1. Kids really do do that stuff. When I was a kid our home printer ran funny squiggly lines down every page because ‘somehow’ a handful of my sister’s hair got into it (for the record, ‘somehow’ refers to my brother, not to me).

    That’s super exciting about those dinosaur fossils!


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