Normal service has been resumed!! (What my children argue about.)

So, after my last post about how amazing things were between my two delightful children, I’m kind of happy to say that normal service has now been resumed, (makes far better blog material!), although that undercurrent of real love and playing together is definitely still there thankfully!

The arguing has returned in force. But it’s not over things that I consider to be reasonable, the things hubby and I argue about, like, whose turn it is to make tea, who has to do the chocolate run at 9pm, who has to let the dog out last thing and wait for 20 minutes while he meanders about checking his wee-mails, and who gets to brush big girl’s hair in the morning.

Nope, our kids argue about things like;

What tv program they are watching.

“It’s dinopaws”

“It’s not”

It is

It’s not

What channel is on.

“It’s cbeebies”

It’s not

It is

Who gets to sit in the highchair. (Yes at almost 5, big girl still wants that privilege, probably for the novelty factor as we don’t have one at home anymore!)

“It’s my turn.”



Who gets to go in the trolley.

“My turn”


“I’m far too big, I’m stuck, this was a terrible idea!” (What big girl would say if she wasn’t so obstinate!!)

Sometimes the argument is literally just words.







This can either end in violence or hysterical laughter depending on the mood.

More often then not though, the argument will escalate in ferocity and volume until small boy finally bellows his closing statement with the roar of an elephant. In the shocked silence that follows, big girl will look at him slyly and very quietly whisper ‘poo’, (or whatever side she is arguing). He will then burst into tears. After which she skips off happy considering it a victory.

One thing caused a little drama this week, we are on holiday in italy and bought some fantastic lego sets for the kids. We found what seemed to be the italian version of ikea, I stopped to look at these chairs, (they were shaped like hands, and really bright colours and they swivelled!), turned around and they had gone! Mr PB must have been setting a cracking pace because it took me forever to catch them up, almost jogging through twisty sections of kitchens and beds. At some point I happened upon small boy, who had joined another family!

Worst bit was that there were no cut throughs, we have it lucky with ikea! It did have a very cool toy department though. Once he got over the fact that I was under no circumstances going to buy him or let him drive to show daddy a massive ride on tractor and trailer, (he was tired and in ‘ small belligerent drunk mode‘ so it was harder then it sounds!), I chose them some sets and managed to get him out of there. Small boy got a very cool pirate set;

Why are pirates called Pirates? Because they Arrrrrr! Sorry, fabulous mum joke there!
Why are pirates called Pirates? Because they Aaaaarrrrrr! Sorry, fabulous mum joke there!

Best of all though, big girl got a pizzeria set complete with pizza oven and delivery moped. So cool! I’m not going to lie. I built it all. At four and two it was a little beyond them yet, ok ok, it was before my first cup of tea and it had to be done right then and there and pre-tea I am not the most patient person, (read: a crazy person unable to form sentences or smile), and they kept asking me to do each bit individually after trying for all of 2 seconds themselves.

It did make me remember how much I love lego though, and it has come on so much since my day when I just had about 200 very similar bricks and a vivid imagination! It is so brilliant.

She even has a phone to take orders!!!
She even has a phone to take orders!!!

The problem arose when they attempted to combine the two and the pirate went to the pizzeria.

What is a pirates favourite pizza topping? Pepaaaarrrrrroni! (Thanks google!)
What is a pirates favourite pizza topping? Pepaaaarrrrrroni! (Thanks google!)

Sadly, he didn’t have the respect that Stephanie the pizzeria owner required. Then being a pirate, and prone to short temper, he threw the table over. The game ended, (as is often the case weirdly!), in both children in tears and under the table. Hopefully they found all the bits as I’m hoovering today and I’ve worked out that each piece must be made of solid gold as it was pretty expensive! 😀 Worth it though, as they did play nicely with it for about an hour and I’m hoping we can teach the pirate captain more manners and show him how to conduct himself on shore. Plus the skeleton could really use feeding up, he’s all bone!


5 thoughts on “Normal service has been resumed!! (What my children argue about.)

  1. As you point out, Lego is both:
    – excellent and…
    – flipping expensive!
    Not sure why it should cost so much! It’s only molded plastic!
    Bet you’re glad to be back to this beautiful English summer, eh? I’ve actually had to put the heating on. Ridiculous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is crazy. I think initially it is hard work to design it but after that you can just mass produce! I can see me, I mean the kids, getting really into it though!!! 😀 Boo. We have a few more days away & then I’m very much not looking forward to home in the rain & cold!! Heating? At the end of july?? Wonder how much it costs to change a flight…….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope all is well now you’re back from hols.
    Just in case you’re bored (ha!), I’ve nominated you for the Starlight Blogger Award. You just have to answer 3 questions and pass the award on. Check it out here:
    Please ignore me if you’ve already received this award or simply don’t have time. I understand. I’m really bad at writing these sorts of posts! 🙂


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