So, school, every day then!!

We’ve been doing pretty well so far. Had a week of afternoons. Fine, easy.

This week is mornings. Bearing in mind we are just two days in to the week, as I was getting her uniform all ready for tomorrow morning, I just thought; ‘Oh flipping heck, this is every dayΒ now!!!!!’. and had to sit down for a minute to let the shock subside!

I felt pretty smug at my amazing planning yesterday morning, she went off looking the model pupil, and then today we couldn’t find her tie so she went without it, god only knows what disaster will befall us tomorrow!!!

Pleeeeaaaase can someone tell me I’m not the only Mum struggling with this realisation, the horrifying, crushing, worrying realisation that I now have to be organised every single day, apart from the weekend. When we are not supposed to do too much.

I now remember why I hated school so much when I was younger!! πŸ˜‰

I can’t believe the novelty has worn off already. (For me anyway, big girl is loving it!!)

The other option is homeschooling, which involves far more organisation so I will just have to suck it up and find that tie before the morning!!

In other, less whingy news, we have blackberries and apples in the garden and today we had a great bake off! Blackberry and apple crumble, apple and cinnamon crumble cupcakes and biscuits. The kids love baking and we all love eating. Win win!

Really regretting leaving the bag of flour with them!!!!
Our delicious haul! This is NOT good for my waistline.

*Edited to add that thisΒ is why we don’t bake every day!!! Look at my kitchen!! :O The Great British Bake Off tent never seems to look this bad, I think I need a team of clearer uppers in the back ground at all times, instead of the two professional mess makers I seem to have living with me! πŸ˜‰


14 thoughts on “So, school, every day then!!

  1. I’m so hungry right now! Those look lovely.

    The return to school has been a big adjustment. Having to be up and out, with everything ready for a specific time so we don’t miss the bus is so hard! So tired right now …!

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    • I’m hungry too, considering cake for tea!! πŸ˜€ We only live a short walk away thankfully, I can totally imagine that a bus to miss adds to the pressure big time! Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚


    • Oh wouldn’t that be heaven?! Like a Disney film, think I’d prefer to get all my utensils washing themselves a la Fantasia rather then the animals from all around coming in to do it, seems so unhygienic!! πŸ˜†

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    • I know!!! Not just a bit organised too, but proper, ‘know what you’re doing, even ironed’ serious mum stuff!! πŸ˜† I’m just worried for when they start needing to take different kits & instruments & I need to remember it all!! 😱 Thanks for stopping by. 😊


  2. I do the nursery run twice a week but I have to admit I’m looking forward to the school run next year, eek! All your baking has made me super hugry, yummy! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst hope you’ll stop by again! x

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