Baking and Brewing Up for The Children’s Society

There is something very apt about sitting and typing this post in front of the Great British Bake Off!! Anyone else watch it? Made me blub! What a great final!!

I am quite a lot excited about being involved in this cause, I am raising money for The Children’s Society by doing something I LOVE, (baking cakes), with the ultimate pay off that I feel obliged to sell them, (apart, of course, from the quality control tester, test two, ok fine, test batch! 😉 ), to raise money for a brilliant cause.

I mean, I do moan about my children occasionally, ok frequently, fine, most days ok!!!! But I do love them to bits, and I genuinely believe that all children deserve to be safe, and warm, fed and loved, and if I can do a teeny weeny bit to help, that makes me happy.

The very name of this campaign is great isn’t it, the Bake and Brew. Basically, for 5 years, since I had my daughter, well, before I had my daughter really, I was a ‘I have a big mummy tummy, let’s eat all things yummy’ sort of pregnant lady, I really did feel I had a license to inhale cake, and then when she actually arrived, well, it was very hard to leave the sofa for quite a while with the whole ‘boobs out for months’ thing and pringles and cake were so handy, especially as my lovely friends kept bringing it to my side!

Then there were ‘The small baby years’ when it was pretty easy to go to a cafe and actually finish a drink, more boobs out, more cake in as you need to keep adequately fueled, and fast forward five years, now with two lovely children, it is more of a survival method and means of staying awake past 4pm! The boobs are finally away though! 😉

I also mainline tea from the moment I stumble into the kettle in the morning and so this challenge seemed made for me!!

             IMG_3353              IMG_3363


I completed my first bake last night, and my lovely friend who runs the wonderful Miniature Music, a music group for toddlers that we attend every week, is always one for supporting good causes and let me offer the cakes there!

I’m also thinking of tempting my school run mum friends somehow and taking orders. I also sold my children the cakes for their pudding tonight. They were more then happy to dip into their piggy banks for a good cause. And a vanilla and chocolate chip cupcake with nutella and chocolate chip icing of course!

I am going to share my recipes with you as I go, but I need to make you aware that I am not brilliant at measuring and so I will liberally use terms such as ‘splash, few, glug’ and so if you are a someone who needs very precise directions, I may make you shudder! It has always mystified my lovely mum that she follows directions with cooking and planting seeds and I have always been more of a type to throw handfuls of seeds down at the wrong time of year or lob in a few extra ingredients when baking and they always seem to turn out ok!

The cakes

I used my fail safe 4,4,4,2 recipe which makes 12 fairy cakes, but as I wanted a little extra, so I did 6oz butter and 6 oz caster sugar creamed, add in 6oz of self raising flour and 3 eggs. I then added a ‘large splash of vanilla essence’ if pushed I’d guess a 2 teaspoons! Mix until pale & fluffy & then fold in about 3/4s of a bag of chocolate chips.

Put equal amounts in paper cases in a muffin tray & bake in a preheated oven. I do 170 degrees, (fan), for 15 minutes.


Once cooled, put spoonfuls of Nutella on as icing and sprinkles of chocolate chips on.


Done! Now consume!! With


So far, that is all I’m coming up with so I would really love to hear your suggestions.

You can tweet me @pinkpearbear, find me on facebook, or comment on here!

I’d also be very grateful if you would tell your friends, more heads make great ideas….or something like that!


6 thoughts on “Baking and Brewing Up for The Children’s Society

  1. First – to get it out of the way – the GBBO final! I nearly cried when Ian started crying, then I so nearly went when Mary Berry started crying because she was so happy Nadiya had won! So tense and emotional…

    These cakes are just lovely! And for such a good cause 🙂 Brilliant.

    I look forward to my little boy starting school so there will be cake bakes, fetes and other things I can contribute too. It might help me lose the remnants of the baby bulge too because it will mean someone else can eat my baking… maybe. Not sure I could promise that any millionaire’s shortbread would make it out the door.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually did cry, mainly at Nadiya’s family’s reaction & then I watched Dr Foster after, I’d only seen the first & now the last & I sobbed! Was a wreck by bed time!!

      Yes having outlets for my cakes is so much better for me, I am still battling the baby bulge 3 years on!! 😀 Ooh, link me up to some of your lovely recipes, this month’s theme is ‘cupcakes’. ☺️ millionaire’s shortbread is my big weakness!!! Drool!


  2. I cannot bake to save my life, but If I could try…I would love to give your cupcake recipe a crack. I am sure I will be gulping it down with fresh slices of banana with a sprinkle of nuts (my weakness combo). I think what you are doing for the children is fantastic! Great stuff 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Geetha! I am going to have a go at some raw food and healthy cakes so look out for them too. This recipe is so easy, just have fun with it! Try adding banana into the mix and then folding in chopped nuts instead or as well as chocolate chips! I will have an experiment and see what I can come up with. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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