My top tips for flying solo with children!

1. Don’t.πŸ˜‚

2. Visit the doctors in plenty of time to procure some Valium for your fear of flying, only a white lie, it is genuinely a fear, just a fear of flying with children.

3. Pack plentiful snacks. The boxes of raisins will be tipped between the seats upon opening and the one thing they have always liked will be deemed disgusting after two bites. If you are really unlucky, they will be completely unable to swallow the warm and super sticky contents of their mouths and you will not have any tissues.

4. Pack suitable entertainment. Surprisingly, the felt pens in the specific travel wallet were not suitable. We all wish you well in your new life as a high flyer pen lid. You were appropriately, (and dramatically!), mourned for an inappropriately long time.

5. When the trolley comes round, do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the peace and order a hot drink. This will be the precise moment that pen lid-gate will occur. You will choke it down whilst attempting to hold your tray flat as small people batter it from underneath in their search for the tiny and round roll-y item.  There will be a lot of exaggerated crying and standing on each other, making it extra difficult to drink through the gritted teeth you now have.

6. Instead order two wines on the special offer, you can chug these straight from the bottle with no tray needed and minimal spillage risk. They will also help the Valium that you managed to wangle take maximum effect.

7. When booking seats, ‘accidently’ book the children into a row at the back of the plane and yourself at the front. These online booking systems are so complicated aren’t they?! Especially if you do it when testing out the Valium/wine combination at home, for research purposes of course. πŸ˜‰

It was almost worth the extra grey hairs I now have to get these amazing in flight shots. Perfect for my instagram, where I post an awful lot more photos of my life, come and say hi!  πŸ˜Š

Thanks so much for reading! I’d absolutely love to know what you think and what your number one tips are for flying with children. Proper ones will be much appreciated as well, we have to go back still!!




15 thoughts on “My top tips for flying solo with children!

  1. Eeekkkk………your pictures……….. (all will be explained next week)
    Maybe you should have shared the valium with the little ones…..ohh look mummy has sweeties!! (calm down people, im joking!!)
    Great post, thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #anythinggoes

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  2. Brilliant. I love this. My daughter is older now but in the same way we used to avoid people with kids pre parent days, I expected people to do the same to us. They would be foolish not to. Have never flown solo with the kid but I did fly completely solo and almost got lumbered with someone else’s. I had to be very assertive! Lovely to meet you at #abitof everything. Nicky

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    • Sounds like a brilliant idea, Trouble is, we are usually visiting my mum!! Raisins used to be fab but only last about 30 secs now. Glad you like the photos! 😊 thanks for hosting.xx


  3. My gosh you are brave! I don’t think I’d have the strength to even attempt taking the children on a plane solo! Having said that our eldest little ladies are becoming so self sufficient, I think they’d be a great help with the little ones… Your pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for linking up with #busydoinglife!

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    • Thanks for your comment Claire! It was filtered for some reason so I’ve only just seen it. I definitely think that when your kids are old enough to be self sufficient, especially when they can entertain the younger ones without too much squabbling! πŸ™‚ thanks for hosting.


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